How to Start a Small Business – How You Manage Your Own Thoughts Comes First

Ideas, without action, never become bigger than the brain cells they occupyThe key to how to start a small business is less about knowing the mechanical sequence of business idea, business plan, business finance etc and more about the way in which you think and how you manage your thoughts.The key has to do with your own

If you have a tendency to dwell on a negative thought or occurrence, this may very well prevent you from taking action to start your own business. You can learn how to manage your thoughts in a way that empowers you toward the accomplishment of your objectives. This ability is essential to start on the road to becoming your own boss.How to start a small business – the mechanical part When thinking about how to start a small business, the mechanical part is the easy part.
The mechanical steps are:STEP 1 Business Ideas
STEP 2 Business Plan
STEP 3 Financing
STEP 4 Getting started
STEP 5 Opening the Doors (if it is an offline business)It is easy to find advice about steps 2-5. Much has been written about them. There can be much to learn about getting business ideas, although it is much easier than you may think.I have fully covered the subject of getting business ideas in a separate article entitled “How To Start A Home Business – Getting The Idea For your Business”How to start a small business – your intentionThe dilemma that many people face is:should you carry on in your current job or should you leave it to start your own small business? The current job pays the mortgage and the other bills. But, you may be unhappy in the job. There may be stress. It may require long hours. There is always the risk of lay off. You must have a strong intention and desire to live life and earn your living on your own terms, to breakthrough and make the decision to start your own small business.How to start a small business – your will to succeedOur doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt ~ William ShakespeareIt is human to experience doubt. We all have doubts running through our minds on all sorts of things. When you consider starting your own business, doubts will enter your mind. It is natural. You are entering an area that is unknown to you. Those who succeed in starting their own business will have a way of dealing with their doubts so that they do not dwell on them. Dwelling will lead to inaction. Inaction will lead to no business of your own.The will to breakthrough on the doubts, and also to overcome other obstacles along the way, will come from your motivation to start your own small business. The level of strength of your will is comparable to the level of motivation you have to start your own business. To increase your will, you need to increase your self motivation.How to start a small business – your persistence, perseverance and resilienceYour persistence, perseverance and resilience with also be down to your mindset – how you think and how you manage your thoughts. As with any endeavor, when going into business for yourself you will encounter difficult challenges and perhaps some disappointments. As you will likely be on your own, your mental approach to these things is important.If you allow your attention to dwell on the negative, you will not have the ability to bounce back quickly. You must train yourself to do two things when you experience challenges
learn from negative experiences quickly quickly re-frame those experiences in your mind in a way that empowers you to accomplish your objectives
I think that the most crucial and first element when considering how to start a small business is how you manage your own thinking process and your own thoughts.I am going to close this article with a pertinent quote from Confucius.”Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall”

What Are the Best Small Business Credit Cards?

Small businesses have established themselves as the backbone of the economy in the United States. In fact, it is primarily through the hard work and innovation of small businesses that we have been able to survive through the recent economic turmoil. The struggling economy has not only affected consumers, but also small businesses, and many business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to get the funding that they need to sustain their businesses. In addition, getting a business loan has become extremely difficult and without the proper funding many small businesses will unfortunately have to close their doors.Credit cards are one of the best ways for you to fund your business in these truly tough times. As a business owner, it is important that you look into which small business cards are best for your particular situation.The best small business credit cards should have all of the following characteristics:Low or Fixed Annual Percentage Rate – If you are buying a lot with your credit transferring large balances from one account to another, then you are going to want to make sure that your credit card has the best possible annual percentage rate or APR for purchases and balance transfers.Access to Balance Transfers – If you are planning to transfer a high interest balance to your new card, you should look for a card that waives the balance transfer fee or offers a low APR on the balance transferred. In any case, do the math and make sure that the fees associated with the transfer are something you can handle.Introductory Offers – Cards that come with different offers for a period of 12 to 15 months can be extremely useful for small business owners. For example, if your card offers a 0% APR on your purchases for a period of 15 months, then you can buy all of the things that you need without having to worry about paying enormous interest rates before you have a chance to pay off the balance. No annual fees, low or no interest on balance transfers and free employee cards are other examples of introductory offers that may fill a niche in your business needs.Grace Period – Some small business cards also allow you to defer payments for a period of a few months. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to the cash flow challenges that small businesses common find themselves having to contend with.The right business card can really make a difference in these difficult economic times. And while finding the best small business credit cards may not be easy, as a business owner it’s important that you do what it takes to get your business the financing that it needs. The country is counting on it…